Website design checklist before you begin your website renovation or new build

You’ve made the important decision to update your website, or even create an entirely new website. That’s an awesome start that will only enhance and better your company’s success. Now that the decision has been made, the next steps of

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When to update your web content

Why it’s important to maintain your website with fresh, updated news, information, photos, and more Here’s a simple question: How often do you clean your bathroom? When do you know it’s time to freshen it up, make it more appealing

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12 Tips In Telling Your Company’s Compelling Story

Home Pet Vets is a veterinarian that makes house calls. Dr. Julie Tavares is the company’s passionate vet who brings her high-tech mobile clinic to your home on your schedule, provides most any vet services you’d find in a clinic,

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Enhance your Epicor iNet website results with a matching WordPress company website

Why having a WordPress company website matters for your Epicor iNet ecommerce website sales Have an Epicor iNet website for your eCommerce business? Then you should also have a WordPress company website to help enhance your brand and attract a

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Long-term Client Relationships

What can you read into a long-term client relationship? When a customer sticks with you, they are happy with your work, which becomes better over time as the relationship strengthens and allows for better communication, collaboration, and creativity. You eventually

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Negative Reviews

Responding to customer reviews and comments

A bad online review is not the end of the world; it’s the beginning of better customer relationships. Uh oh – someone just posted a negative online review of their experience at your company and it’s really, really bad. What

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Need For Speed

If you operate a business, when one of your customers makes a request, how fast do you respond? Do you put it on a low priority list, not think about it for a day or so, and eventually wait for

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Moxie Marketing making a mark

MEDFORD, OREGON — Moxie Marketing, LLC, is now serving Southern Oregon and beyond with advanced integrated marketing communications services, which include internet marketing, advertising, and public relations services. The company, founded by owner Tom Ersepke, brings a different approach to

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