Enhance your Epicor iNet website results with a matching WordPress company website

Andy Durst

Why having a WordPress company website matters for your Epicor iNet ecommerce website sales

Have an Epicor iNet website for your eCommerce business? Then you should also have a WordPress company website to help enhance your brand and attract a bigger audience through improved search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Yes, your iNet site will get you great search results as your entire inventory is online and shows up when someone is looking for a specific product you offer. But when you add a content-rich WordPress site for your company’s brand-enhancing information, you can show up higher and more often in a broad array of searches. WordPress is an intuitive content management system (CMS) that is built for impressive search engine optimization (SEO). With clean code and endless features for adding unique metadata, combined with your own keyword-rich content, a WordPress site can greatly enhance your iNet site by attracting unique visitors and then sending them to your iNet site for a seamless online shopping experience.

WordPress can also improve your shoppers’ overall user experience which can translate into more sales. WordPress can expand your online information with SEO-rich pages like info-packed blogs showing your expertise and loading your site with quality content, how-to pages, services, events, your history, locations, videos, and more. This means more visitors finding your site during searches, and ultimately enjoying more information about you to help give assurance that you are a quality company worthy of their purchase. The visibility of your eCommerce store will be improved with professional graphics such as sale art and sliders to create a better visual experience instead of just showcasing products.BlogImage-Epicor

Why it’s important to make your iNet site match your WordPress site

When creating a WordPress site for your company, it’s essential the website design matches your Epicor iNet site in look and feel. When customers reach your WordPress home page, and then click on a shopping option, they are redirected to your iNet site for your catalog of products. If there’s a lack of continuity, the customer can be immediately turned off by the experience. If they suspect they’re being redirected to a place different than where they started, they may think they are no longer on your site and instead on an ambiguous warehouse site buying products that are not from your actual store. They may go back to their original search results to shop another store.

The bottom line: loss of a potential sale for you and the subsequent repeat business it may reap. Ouch.

The takeaway: make sure your WordPress website theme matches your Epicor iNet eCommerce site – perfectly. Give both sites equal, high importance with premium content and user-friendly design so your customers enjoy, and use, aspects of both.

Both Epicor iNet and WordPress offer users the ability to build and manage their own websites, and many users are able to adequately accomplish that. However, the systems can also be difficult for some companies to master and utilize to their fullest potential – especially when it comes to the art of making the transition between the sites smoother.

Sometimes it’s best to work with an experienced partner to maximize each site’s abilities, which brings us back to matching the look and feel of an iNet site with a WordPress site.

Moxie Marketing has become a leader in this field, having worked with many companies utilizing both web systems. Companies of all sizes and product lines have worked with us to successfully accomplish their iNet and WordPress goals. Our proven experience in skinning WordPress themes and content with Epicor iNet eCommerce sites has helped each client build a competitive advantage in their markets. We can tackle any obstacle you may face, create any theme or style you have or want, and add functional features and capabilities within Epicor’s iNet and WordPress to give you even more control and usefulness of your online business.

As an experienced iNet developer, Moxie Marketing communicates regularly with Epicor representatives to further understand software updates, enhancements, upgrades, and more. We can recommend additional ways to better utilize Epicor iNet software for your business, provide coaching to maximize your Epicor iNet software experience, and offer software troubleshooting.

To make sure you don’t miss a sale because customers are turned off by their online experience on your sites, contact Moxie Marketing. We will make sure your WordPress site matches your iNet site seamlessly, and effectively.