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What’s your company’s story, and how does it resonate throughout all of your communications? When people hear your brand name, do they immediately know who you are and what you’re about?

We’re inundated with nearly nonstop marketing messages. With more and more communication bombarding us, the messages become more diluted and the impact vanishes. We see right past the marketing and don’t absorb the nonsense.

So how do you make sure your message stands out from the nonsense? Real people don’t want marketing messages. Real people – your customers – want real stories. They want to connect with companies that they care about on a personal, emotional level. They want to feel something for the company, its products, services, employees, mission, goals, and business practices.

Moxie Marketing tells stories of quaint, historic cabin rentals that are rustic, comfortable, and just a few miles down the road from Crater Lake National Park. We share compelling messages about clients who work hard and offer quality products and expertise to help their customers’ lives. Stories of a family-owned and operated contractor company that is ready to help with any project you have. A one-of-a-kind mobile veterinary clinic that makes life more convenient for pet owners.

JetCenter-old-flightWe tell the story of an aircraft Fixed Base Operation (FBO) that’s beginnings go back to when one of its founding brother accidentally made his first flight as an unlicensed 16-year-old in New Mexico. That company now provides world-class, FAA-certified aircraft service, management, maintenance, and sales.

Customers connect with companies they care about on a personal level. When your brand creates personal interest within a customer, you have the potential of gaining a customer for life – and that customer has lots of friends with similar interests, values, and buying habits.

Your story isn’t just your history, about the company, how you started, and where you’re headed. It’s not filled with marketing-speak, or something to trick customers in thinking you’re something you’re not.

Your story sums up who you are; in short, it’s your brand. Your story consolidates everything about you that your customers care about: your values and principles, philosophy, strengths and even weaknesses, the reason your company exists, motivation, and dedication. It’s an insider’s look at your company, how you benefit customers and the world, and what makes you special and unique.

Does your story grab attention? Make your audience want more? Does it make a difference in someone’s life?

Moxie Marketing can get you there. We get to know you and your story, and help share your message through a variety of powerful mediums. Telling your story is more than an About Us page explaining your history. It’s about your entire brand; your products, services, sales, events, blogs, and more. It’s everything that makes your business unique and worthwhile.