Need For Speed

Andy Durst

If you operate a business, when one of your customers makes a request, how fast do you respond? Do you put it on a low priority list, not think about it for a day or so, and eventually wait for them to ask again before responding?

Obviously not. You know that a timely response is important to the immediate needs of the customer, their success or happiness, your long-term relationship with that customer, and your success.

I recently had a friend, who’s a business owner, tell me she’s unhappy with her webmaster because:

  • They are not responsive to her needs
  • They fight her on simple changes
  • The functionality of her site is not right, including use of an online scheduler
  •  Her site has poor SEO and is not showing up on web searches

She’s had it with the webmaster and wishes it didn’t have to be such a struggle for her, as the customer, to make her website effective and help her business. She’s not sure if she needs simple website changes, a website renovation, or a new webmaster altogether. As a friend, I empathize with her frustrations. But as a team member of a dynamic marketing agency, I’m outraged at what she’s going through because it’s senseless.

It should go without saying, but a timely response is essential with a marketing agency. There was a time when TV, print, and radio were the holy trinity of marketing, and a quick response was a week or so out. Now, however, the immediacy of the Internet allows customers to connect with businesses any time, any day, and from anywhere. You have to be able to quickly adapt, change, and respond in order to make effective connections with genuine communication with your customers. If your Internet marketing efforts are lacking, it will quickly show with a significant lack of customers.

Call us crazy, but Moxie Marketing treats customers’ needs as extremely important. We not only take pride in a quick response, but we also help come up with solutions by constantly looking at ways to improve and make your efforts more effective. If your website is not working the way it should, or has the potential to, we recognize that and work with you to simply make it better – through a variety of integrated marketing efforts.

We meet with you to discuss your business, goals, and needs, and come up with a plan to effectively market your company in the 21st Century. In a world of mobile websites, internet marketing, social media marketing and relationship building, Google AdWords, and public relations efforts, it takes a well-planned approach to reach your audience wherever they are.

And when you make a request, your marketing agency better be there for you.